Welcome to the Xavier Institute of Management(XIMB) Community

Greetings from XIMB!,

I am delighted to connect with all of you through this portal. As many of you might be aware, we have tied up with Fourth Ambit, who has been helping us to update the database of all our alumni, by using their alumni portal. There are also many other features, which can be used for better connectivity and interaction between all of you and your alma mater.

However, for the portal to be really useful, a prerequisite is that every alumnus must register themselves at this portal. So far approximately 2500 out of a possible 7000 have registered. Even after registering, every time your particulars change, like a change in job or location, you must come back and update the new information at the portal. Otherwise, it would have limited use. Having a wide and current database is vital to strengthening the alumni network. I am sure all of you would agree with me that this would have dividends for both – the alumni as well as the institute.

Right now, our priorities are to have the elections both at the National level as well as the regional chapters. The portal has facilities to help you facilitate this process, but all alumni must first register themselves first.

I shall keep interacting with all of you periodically through this medium, as and when the need arises. Do get in touch with your views, opinions, feedback, criticism and appreciation. We would welcome all such comments to provide a better all-round networking experience.

Wishing you all the best in all your endeavours, I am signing off for the moment.

Faculty Coordinator
XIMB Alumni Association
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